Late rental returnEvery hire and rental company suffers from customers returning items late, yet most software handles this in a haphazard way, usually by creating new jobs with the late returns, which can cause calculation errors, as well as a multitude of other problems.  Also some customers rent a bunch of items indefinitely (an open ended hire) and may return different items at different times, imagine how many jobs you would have to create for that scenario.

HireHop have made this process simple and intuitive, the way it should be.

If an item is late, HireHop will tell you how much is due and allow you to add at the press of a button all overdue charges. This enables you to make the informed decision as to whether or not you want to charge the client and by how much. All this is done from within one job without the headache of having to have multiple jobs just to handle one small hire. Charges and payments breakdown

HireHop will tell you how many items on future jobs might be late, enabling you to judge whether or not you can supply that item or will have to substitute it or sub a replacement in to cover your commitment.

For jobs that are open ended (have no determined end date) HireHop, allows you to periodically issue multiple invoices (or one invoice) whenever you choose, as well as allow items to be returned over various dates. HireHop will seamlessly breakdown and tell you what you need to charge for and by how much, all at the press of a button and all within the same job.

At HireHop we want to give you software works around you and makes your life easier, not the other way round.