Today more and more businesses like yours are moving to the cloud, taking advantage of the huge benefits of cloud software like the Microsoft 365 office suite. For those who have adopted Microsoft 365, integration with it is obviously an important requirement, to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow within your company.

Microsoft 365

At HireHop we felt that it was imperative to give you the user this feature.  So not only does HireHop allow you to log in using your Microsoft account, it also seamlessly integrates into Outlook with ease, sending all emails that you send from within HireHop through Outlook on Microsoft 365, and optionally storing those sent emails in your Outlook sent folder.

Also we felt it important to make the Microsoft 365 integration setup as easy as possible, something a person with minimal knowledge of the workings of Microsoft 365 could do. Literally, just add a new Microsoft email account in your settings, maybe add an email footer, and that’s it. You don’t need to know any complex email settings.

Microsoft 365 setup

For those of you who use Google Workspace, again setup is just as simple and painless.

At HireHop we are not just here to sell you software, we want to help you run and build a successful hire business, and by being the only rental equipment software available to offer you this necessary feature, you can be reassured that HireHop can help you and cater for your needs.