Accounting apps HireHop integrationWe nearly all use accounting software, whether it be Xero, QuickBooks, Sage or something else. In an ideal world, your rental company software and your accounting software will both talk to each other and work as one, so that they can exchange information on new or edited invoices, credit notes, purchase orders, payments, etc. This is known as bi-directional synchronisation, and something that HireHop does with ease, and automatically behind the scenes, negating the need to manually enter invoices, credit notes, etc.

Invoices accounting reportHireHop can achieve this with popular accounting packages like Xero, QuickBooks and Sage 50. It can also export invoice and credit note data in CSV format for other accounting products to import, negating the need to manually enter accounting information twice.

With HireHop‚s bi-directional synchronization, your staff will know what has been paid and what is owed, without the need to access your accounting software.

Synchronization is easy in HireHop , it is all done automatically and behind the scenes, or you can set HireHop to synchronize by a manual trigger after you have run a check on all the data that needs to be exported.  Some accounting packages also talk back to HireHop and tell it when an invoice has been paid or credited, so you can keep track of a customer’s account in HireHop and your accounting package.

Different Companies at Different Depots

What if you have more than one company that shares stock, or have different companies in different depots. Only HireHop can connect to multiple companies in your accounting software, or even companies that use different software.  So if your Northern depot uses Xero and the Southern depot QuickBooks, but you want to use one HireHop license, not a problem.

Changing Your Accounting Software

Maybe you are thinking of changing your accounting software, but are being held back due to the limitations of your existing company’s hire software. With HireHop changing your accounting software is easy, you can even keep them both connected to HireHop at the same time and then eventually disconnect the redundant one.

Start using HireHop today for free or contact us for a free demonstration to see how much HireHop can benefit your hire company.