HireHop helps improve workflow and efficiency in your business, but companies sometimes need training, mentoring and advice on how to streamline their business even more from people with experience in their field.

Training and advice

HireHop was developed by people in the hire and rental business for the hire and rental business.  We not only offer you training in how to get the most out of HireHop, but can also advise you on workflow and warehouse equipment to help streamline your operation, all done by people who are not only experts in using the software, but who also have extensive experience in the hire and rental industry.

The team at HireHop have a broad experience working in the rental industry, from the warehouse floor to the back office, some with 30 years of experience in the industry. We have rigorously tested workflows, equipment and concepts in the field, giving you the advantage of knowing that the advice you get is from experience and not from a guy who has only been trained to support software.

The HireHop team even include professional business mentors who have run small and large companies, and even started, bought and sold companies, enabling HireHop to give you the best service and help possible.

If you are interested in training or implementation, please contact us today for prices.