It is fair to say that all businesses are now digital in some form and increasingly rely on IT to drive business, sell or hire products, analyse data and manage hire or rental inventory, along with many other business operations.

Rental Management Software such as HireHop provide an efficient and comprehensive solution to the management of Hire Stock for corporations of all sizes:

Productivity and Efficiency

Still working off Excel spreadsheets? For many people, the familiarity of the current way of doing things and reluctance to change has resulted in a loss of time and profits. Embracing a software solution like HireHop may seem like a big step; however, once implemented will free up your team to get on with their real work, boosting productivity through instant real-time visibility of jobs and stock levels. Efficiently tracking your stock can also save valuable time in the warehouse and money through a reduction in losses.


Using rental management software makes it easy for employees to work together and keep track of each others progress or status on particular tasks. It enables teams to work together on jobs from any location, share information, documents and updates, as well as integrate with your email accounts and calendars – increasing communication and user responsibility.

Easy to use

Importantly, software for hire companies should be easy to use for all employees, from project managers to warehouse staff, allowing the focus to be on the important tasks at hand in an often time-pressured environment.

Benefits of being in the Cloud

“In March 2017 the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) revealed that the overall cloud adoption rate in the UK now stands at 88%, with 67% of users expecting to increase their adoption of cloud services over the coming year”, UK Cloud Snapshot Survey 2017.

The cloud has become an increasingly important part of business efficiency and extremely important for the operation of rental management companies in the following ways:

  • Flexibility and Scalability – Grows with your Company
  • Cost Savings – Low up-front costs, with no complex installations or maintenance charges associated with traditional software
  • Any Device, Anywhere – Cloud software such as HireHop is accessible on any device such as a PC, Mac, phone, smart TV or tablet, as long as it has a web browser
  • Eliminate Data Loss – Your data is securely stored and sandboxed
  • Live Automatic Updates – Eliminates downtime and reduces IT costs
  • Quick Implementation – Get started in minutes!

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