Whether you run a tool rental business, a surf shop, tuxedo rental, or bike rental, as a rental business owner, you need a simple point of sale (cash register, POS or ePOS) system that processes rentals from your customer facing rental desk.

POS for rentalsEasy To Use ePOS For Rentals

HireHop gives you a system that even the part time staff can use with minimal training, handling not only rental sales, but also sales of parts and other products. It seamlessly integrates with the rest of HireHop equipment rental software, so that you can handle all aspects of rental inventory management.

HireHop gives you all of this at no extra cost, and being in the cloud means that it can run on practically any device or computer.

Cash Register for Rental Companies With Advanced Features

Rental company softwareSometimes a simple POS interface is just not enough and you need more advanced functionality for some rental contracts.  This is not a problem, as every rental job is available within the HireHop software, giving you the ability to utilise all the additional advanced features that HireHop has to offer.

With an easy to use interface giving you maximum functionality, HireHop allows rental companies with specific needs to reach their maximum potential without having to change their workflow.

The HireHop cash register system is designed with you in mind, allowing you to access all of your jobs within an easy-to-use interface. This simple-to-use interface lets you process jobs easily, quickly and efficiently.

Start using HireHop today for free or contact us for a free demonstration to see how much HireHop can benefit your rental company.