Route PlannerHireHop now enables you to easily plan your deliveries, collections and other transport requirements with the new integrated route planner.  Add deliveries, collections or other transport requests in jobs, assign them to owned vehicles or rented ones within the route planner, plot routes, even supply the drivers with Google Maps sat nav links for their routes.

We have also added numerous other features like contact accounts payable and receivable emails, improved reports, more webhooks, integrated barcode scanner and loads more.

Route Planner

Add deliveries, collections or other transport requests in jobs, then in the route planner, assign them to your own vehicles or even temporary rented ones.  From within the route planner, HireHop can plot routes for the vehicles and even allow drivers to open the routes on Google Maps to use sat-nav.  You can see vehicle weights, assign drivers and assistants, visually see on a map routes and locations as well as print or email delivery and collection documents.

We have also added the auto-creation of deliveries, collections, etc.  In Labour management, you can set an item to automatically add a delivery, collection or other transport to a job, so when you add let’s say a delivery to the supplying list, it will automatically create a delivery for the route planner and mark the supplying list item as „no shortfall“, meaning it doesn’t need a purchase order to stop it going red.

Job & Project Margin & Profit

HireHop now lets you easily see the profit and margins on jobs and projects, with breakdowns, enabling you to quickly assess if a job is worthwhile undertaking or use it to help you increase profits.

Maximum Discount

On hire stock, sales stock and labor items you can now limit the percentage discount that a user is allowed to give.  You can also give some users permission to override these limits and to confirm the override after they receive a warning.

Purchase Order Price Calculator

To help you calculate sub rental prices in purchase orders, we have added a price calculator that helps calculate how much an item is depending on how long you are renting it for and what your supplier is charging per day or week, etc.

Integrated Barcode Scanner

On the check in and out screens, there is now a small camera button.  Clicking this opens a popup where you can set which camera on your phone, tablet or computer to use for scanning barcodes.  All you need to do is put the barcode within the square and once recognised, the barcode is scanned.  Basically, it turns your device into a barcode scanner.

New Asset Status Report

We have improved the asset status report to have more functionality as well as show and export custom fields.  You can also search and filter by custom fields in asset and hire stock management.

More Webhooks & Custom Fields

We have added more webhooks, including accounting webhooks.  This means that if we don’t directly support your accounting software, you can still automatically post invoices, etc. from HireHop to your accounting software using a connector like Zapier.

We have also added the ability to add custom fields in more places, like tasks, etc.

Other Updates

We have also upgraded our servers to give users more speed, not that it was needed, however every little bit we can do to make the user experience better is worth it, regardless of how minor it is.  There are also other minor features like improved data export and performance increases throughout the system and some very minor bug fixes.