Custom fields

HireHop always had custom fields that were available for use by plugins, but now you can add your own custom fields without any programming knowledge.  We have also added deposit functionality so you can take holding deposits as well as other new features.

Custom Fields

Maybe you want to store extra information (custom fields) in a a job that is specific to your needs. You can now add custom fields easily to certain parts of the system, like jobs, assets, stock, etc.  As always, custom fields can be used in documents by just adding the „_“ prefix.  So if you have created a custom field in a job called „probability“, in a job document it would be called „job:_probability“.

The fields are fitted within 12 sections per line, and you can set the width of your field from 1 to 12 sections. You can also add line breaks and new rows, etc.  There are different field types, from dates and times, money, memos, text, website addresses and even drop down lists, all of which are customisable with various options, including setting them to compulsory or not.


You can now record deposits within jobs and projects, and then either refund them (or part of them) or assign them (or part of them) to one or many invoices.  When assigned as a payment to an invoice, this gets automatically sent to your accounting software if you have allowed this and set it up.

API Token

HireHop now makes it easier to integrate with the API by having a single token that can be used to save or get data.  Tokens can be generated for any user, however they will become invalid if the user logs in or changes their email or password. It is recommended to use a completely separate user that no person uses as the API user to prevent the token becoming invalid.

To generate a token, go to „Settings“, then the „Users“ tab, select a user then click the „Menu“ button and select „API token“.  A window will pop up where you can copy the token.

Remember that if the token is used in as a „GET“, it must first be encoded.

Set What Affects Virtual Item Availability

There is now an option on Virtual item autopulls that determines if a shortage of that item will effect the availability of that virtual item.  This is especially useful for things like IEC power cables that you don’t want a shortage of such a compulsory cheap item item effecting the availability of an item that rents out far more than the cable is to buy.

Warehouse Screen Shareable Link

Warehouse screen can create a link so it can be on show devices without having to login to HireHop.  This is especially useful if you want to have smart TVs around the warehouse showing what is going in and out that day, just like an airport arrivals and departures notice board.

Aggregated Invoice Line Items

Sometimes you might be supplying hundreds or thousands of items on a job, still need a breakdown in your invoice, but don’t want to produce an invoice with multiple pages.  Instead of adding custom line items in HireHop, you can also produce an invoice with line items grouped by the same tax rate and nominal code.  When creating an invoice with „Add all owing items“ selected, you can also select the „Aggregated“ option.  This method will still enable you to produce reports based on when and how much an item was invoiced, as each aggregated item is recorded.  This feature is also available within batch invoicing.

There are also other minor performance increases throughout the system and some very minor bug fixes.