HireHop was built to give the hire and rental industry an affordable, modern and powerful rental business software solution. It has been built by people who have worked in various sectors of the hire and rental industry, as well as being built by our users, people like you, who have told us what they need and what they want.This experience and feedback has enabled us to deliver software tailored to hire and rental companies like yours, giving you the most intuitive, powerful, versatile and feature rich cloud based equipment rental software in the world.

As our ethos is to deliver a product that helps hire and rental companies, we are offering a free version of the HireHop rental business software for small single user companies that has limited functionality.




General HireHop is in the cloud, meaning you don’t need to install any software, all you need is access to the internet and any device with a web browser, like a Windows PC, Apple Mac, tablet or even smart phone
Manage and track your Inventory as well as your Jobs, Projects, Purchase Orders, Invoices and much more
Multilingual – Use one of our preset languages or create your own translation
HireHop has an array of ever expanding reports, such as statistics on Stock Usage and Income, as well as reports telling you what needs a PAT Test/Repair or what saleable items need reordering as you might be running low on stock
Copy and paste items to supply between Jobs and quotes, with the ability to update all prices to what you currently charge with a simple click
Store files, links and logged notes throughout the system linked to various sections, such as stock, jobs, projects, etc
Easily import data including stock, assets, contacts and PAT records (even from other software)
Sync Jobs, Calendars and Tasks with the Calendar app on your computer, phone or tablet
Free marketing for your business and stock on high Google ranking websites, making  HireHop work for you and drive more business your way
Choose from a range of themes, looks and feels, to make HireHop react and look like you want it
Pre-prepped boxes – HireHop knows what’s inside a box, whether it is permanently fixed inside or only temporary, speeding up checking/scanning out
One depot Multiple and unlimited depots
Set tasks for yourself Set tasks for yourself or other users on your account
Default language Customise the language for each user and change any text or phrase in HireHop to your own preference. If you don’t like words or phrases we use, not a problem, you have the power to change them
Sync with accounts packages through a CSV Export Bi-directional syncing of invoices, credit notes, payments, purchase orders, contacts, etc. with accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks, Sage 50, & more…
Customise the Home screen and how search results are displayed Customise the Home screen and how search results are displayed for each user
25mb of free storage for documents, emails and files 5Gb+ storage per user for documents, emails and files
Customise your permissions Customise User Permissions per User or per User Group
No plugins Multi-currency and other plugins available
Adverts No Adverts
Memos and descriptions limited to 250 characters Memos and descriptions have unlimited characters
Limited support Free Support
Hire/Sales Stock Management Interactive Availability Grid with reporting on late items, stock temporarily in repair, etc
Create and manage your assets, logging servicing, repairs and testing with associated costs
Use barcodes for stock and assets, or not, the choice is yours
Syncs seamlessly with the vast majority of barcode scanners
Log and report on PAT Tests, Services, Repairs and Maintenance
Stock Check – quickly assess which assets are on your shelf, out on a job or are missing/damaged
Labor/Resource Management Create and manage Labor items
Allocate Resources to Jobs to offset shortfalls through HireHop’s Resource Planner
CRM Bulk email to selected contacts
Generate reports on salesman/project managers generated income
Set notes, tasks and reminders for contacts
Jobs & Projects Build a Supplying List, store quotes, issue Invoices, issue internal and external Purchase Orders, build a calendar for each job, store emails on a job, see your profit margins, and much more
Add Jobs into Projects, enabling you to see all invoices, purchases orders, emails, etc. consolidated all into one Project
Duplicate jobs or projects using the original or current prices
Restore from an Archived Quote or copy and paste parts
See a log of what has been changed on the job, by who and when
Add up to 15 Jobs and 3 Projects per year easily and efficiently Add unlimited Jobs and Projects easily and efficiently
Store 1 Archive/Quote per job Store numerous Archives/Quotes per job
Simple check in and out with or without barcodes Simple check in and out with or without barcodes, with live multi-user sync enabling real-time collaboration in the warehouse
Reserve particular assets for a job
E-mails Send emails from your personal e-mail address directly through HireHop
Integrate with Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite
Save a copy of your e-mail directly to HireHop and your e-mail account
E-mail or print Documents (such as Quotes, Invoices, Purchase Orders and Credit Notes) directly as HTML or PDF
Drag and drop e-mails onto a job to store it onto the job so that other users can see read it
No e-mail Signature Personalise your own e-mail Signature (HTML compatible)
Send emails from one email address Send emails from multiple email addresses for each user
Documents HireHop Branding on the bottom of each PDF Document No HireHop Branding on Documents
Large variety of template Documents available Large variety of fully customisable template Documents available
Only use HireHop template Documents Create custom Documents
No access to HireHop’s powerful Document engine Powerful Document engine with full HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript capabilities, even when creating PDFs, enabling your quotes to look like brochures
No stationery Apply your own stationery to PDF documents to make your quotes and documents stand out
Lower resolution PDFs High resolution PDFs