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HireHop equipment rental software now has a dedicated warehouse screen and we have also moved to faster servers.  Furthermore, we have released other features, such as webhooks, to allow external software to respond to changes done within HireHop.  Other features added include more languages, decimal values for sales items, sharing of documents, and other improvements.

Warehouse Screen

We have added an easy-to-use warehouse screen within HireHop that is similar to an airport arrivals and departures notice board.  The screen shows all jobs and subcontracted services that are coming in and out over a certain period of time.  It automatically updates itself and can also be used to check items in and out all from one screen.


We have also added extensive webhooks throughout the system which enables you to set a web address that HireHop calls when it has done a selected task.  HireHop then sends through the appropriate data to the desired web address.  For instance, when a job status is changed, HireHop can notify another piece of software or website what the status was changed to, what it was changed from, and what job it was changed for.  There are numerous other events you can also assign webhooks to.

Sharing Documents

You can now share live links to documents in HireHop with users outside the system.  For instance, you could create a resource or subcontractor document, that lists all of the jobs they are doing for you, or a client document, that lists all of their ongoing hires. These links can be set to open a PDF or webpage that can be opened by anybody with the link (no login required) with live information.  For instance, if a customer has rented 7 items and opens the link, the document will show the 7 items rented.  If the customer returns 5 of the items then opens the link, the document will now show only the 2 items that remain rented.

Other Improvements

There are other minor new features like the ability to have up to 2 decimal places on quantities for sales items, the ability to set the nominal group on custom items in the supplying list, as well as German and Greek language and document support.

Server Upgrades

A huge undertaking was done to upgrade the HireHop core as well as the servers it runs on; this resulted in huge increases to our already super fast speeds. For example, supplying lists in jobs now loads with a 44% speed increase.  Even with the thousands of accounts and daily active users, HireHop was always the fastest equipment rental software on the market. But now, it’s even faster.